Solo Results

2022 Autocross Results

Feb 27th#1 - Solo MemorialLonestar Park
FinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
April 3rd#2 - Mr AutocrossLonestar ParkFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
May 22nd#3 - The RaspberryBurleson High SchoolFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
August 7th#4 - I'm Surrounded by ConesLonestar ParkFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
August 14th#5 - Ludicrous Speed Go!Eagles Canyon RacewayFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
September 11th#6 - Weekend Autocross Fun SessionLonestar ParkFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
October 2nd#7 - That Cone's Gone Plaid!Lonestar ParkFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
November 20th#8 - Preparing to Fast ForwardTBDFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map
TBA#9 - The Search for More ConesTBDFinalRaw & PaxCourse Map

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