Time Trials Awards

The Time Trials program has two individual discipline awards that may be given out after the conclusion of the season by the Time Trials ARE. Nominations may be received from participants, region members, or Time Trials Committee members.

Sportsman of the Year

“Awarded to the driver or participant who most exemplifies the Courage, Skill, and Sportsmanship the Time Trials ideals are built upon”

2022 – Tom and Ryan Harness

2021 – Geran Rose

2018 – Joe Birmingham

2019 – Tom Bergeron

Volunteer of the Year

“Awarded to the Volunteer who most selflessly sacrifices their time, efforts and knowledge for the betterment of Texas Region Time Trials”

2022 – Nolan Eberl-Coe

2021 – David Powers

2020 – Miles Furlong

2019 – Jim Bunch

2018 – Allison Flack