Past Rally Results

2021 Rally Results

February 6CompletedSweetheart Ride Road Rally Orientation / Rally School
February 28, Date ChangedOverall Results

Class Results
Sweetheart Ride Road Rally
April 25CompletedTSD Rally School
May 1Overall Results

Class Results
Tick Tock Rally
August 28 Combined ResultsDFW Shortest Distance Map Rally
CancelledTarga Road Rally (part of TT / RoadRally / Autocross Targa weekend)
October 9thCompleteAftershock Tour Rally School
October 10thCompleteONTO Fall Rally School
October 23 Results ONTO Fall National Course Rally
October 23 ResultsONTO Fall National GTA Rally
October 24 Results Aftershock National Tour Rally
December 5thCompleteSasha's Children's Book Run

2020 Rally Results

February 9ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
TBDDFW Map Rally
October 10CompletedRally School
October 17Overall Results

Class Results
October CancelledONTO Fall Rally (National Course/GTA/Tour event March 27/28 2021)
October 31 CancelledTarga Road Rally

2019 Rally Events / Results

March 31 ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
May 18CompletedRally School
May 25ResultsTulip Time Rally
August 24ResultsDFW Map Rally
October 5CompletedRally School
October 19 ResultsONTO Fall Rally
November 9ResultsTarga [Time Trials/Rally/Autocross]
December CancelledChildren's Book Run Rally

2018 Rally Events / Results

February 11ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
May 12ResultsTulip Time Rally
August 18ResultsDFW Map Rally
October 20ResultsClear Blue Sky Rally
December 8ResultsChildren's Book Run Rally

2017 Rally Events / Results

February 18ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
May 27ResultsTulip Time Rally
August 19ResultsDFW Map Rally
December 2ResultsChildren's Book Run Rally

2016 Rally Events / Results

February 14ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
March 26ResultsSpaghetti Western Rally
May 21ResultsTulip Time Rally
August 20ResultsClear Blue Sky Rally
October 8ResultsDFW Map Rally
December 3ResultsChildren's Book Run Rally

2015 Rally Events / Results

 DateStatusEvent Name / FlierLocation
04/25/2015ResultsRally 1, Spaghetti Western RallyClassic Chevrolet in Grapevine
07/11/2015ResultsRally 2, DFW Map RallyStarting Place: Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, 9250 LBJ Freeway. Dallas, TX 75243. Registration opens at 9:00 AM. Just come in and register.
09/12/2015ResultsRally 4, Clear Blue Sky Rally 
10/03/2015ResultsRally 5, Children’s Book RunStarting Place: Brandon Tomas Subaru, McKinney
12/05/2015ResultsRally 7, Tour to the Tombstones 

2014 Rally Events / Results

 DateStatusEvent Name / FlierLocation
02/22/2014ResultsRally 1, Children’s Book Run, Event FlierPlano
05/17/2014ResultsRally 2, Tulip Time Rally, Event FlierMcKinney
07/19/2014ResultsRally 4, Clear Blue Sky Rally, Event FlierMcKinney (west)
08/16/2014ResultsRally 3, DFW Map Rally, Event FlierMcKinney (east)
09/20/2014ResultsRally 5, Tour to the Tombstones, Event FlierRockwall Dodge, Start
10/25/2014ResultsRally 6, Great Pumpkin RallySachse Parks & Recreation Building
12/06/2014ResultsRally 7, Children’s Book Run IIHonda Cars of Rockwall, 1550 E I-30, Rockwall, TX

2013 Rally Events / Results

 DateStatusEvent Name / FlierLocation
04/20/2013ResultsRally 1, Tulip Time RallyDenton County
07/13/2013ResultsRally 2, Clear Blue Sky RallyRally Starts @ 1100 S. Central Expy., McKinney, Texas, 75070
08/24/2013ResultsRally 3, DFW Map RallyRally Starts, Eagle Canyon Raceway
10/05/2013ResultsRally 4, Tour to the TombstonesRally Starts & Finishes in Denton, TX.
10/26/2013ResultsRally 5, Great Pumpkin Rally, FlierFiat of McKinney
to 2014
Rally 6, Children’s Book Run Charity, Flier 

2012 Rally Events / Results

 DateStatusEvent Name / FlierLocation
03/17/2012ResultsRally 1, Wild Irish Roads, FlierFirst United Methodist Church of Dublin
07/14/2012ResultsRally 2, Clear Blue Sky Rally, FlierCollin County
08/25/2012ResultsRally 3, DFW Map Rally, FlierWise, Jack Counties
09/29/2012ResultsRally 4, ONTO Fall RallyCollin, Hunt Counties
10/27/2012Results.Rally 5, Great Pumpkin Rally FlierHunt, Lamar Counties
12/02/2012Results.Rally 6, Book Run Charity FlierDallas, Denton Counties

2011 Rally Results

 DateStatusEvent Name 
05/21/11ResultsDFW Map Rally 
07/09/11ResultsAll RIGHT Rally 
09/24/11ResultsClear Blue Sky Rally 
10/22/11ResultsGreat Pumpkin Rally 
12/03/11ResultsNetwork Children’s Book Rally 

2010 Rally Results

 DateStatusEvent Name 
04/03/10ResultsDFW Map Rally 
05/01/10ResultsRally to the Race 
06/12/10ResultsCanine Friends 
07/31/10ResultsClear Blue Sky 
09/08/10ResultsOpen Road Adventure Rally