About Time Trials

What is Time Trials?

When you’re ready to race against the clock, Time Trials is ready for you. Time Trials builds on the instruction you received in the Track Experience classes while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against time. Competition classes are formed and winners are decided by fastest time around the course.

To compete in Time Trials you must have graduated from an accepted novice program and received solo approval. You do NOT need to have received solo approval from Texas Region to compete in the Time Trials group. We accept a wide variety if other regional and national HPDE/novice groups. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact our Chief Driving Instructor.

What is Track Day Experienced?

Track Day is an intermediate group intended for those who have graduated from the novice program but are not yet ready for the full-blown timed competition of Time Trials. This group is open to anyone that has been solo approved. Timing is optional and is not counted or classed in the Time Trials regional championship series. If you have a keen eye you may even see our Chief of Timing and Scoring sneak out during these sessions for a few laps of his own!

What is Track Day Novice/HPDE?

This group is available for those who need instruction with little or no track experience. Want to give a track day a try, or maybe this isn’t your first time but want some help from top-notch instructors? This is your group! Our goal is to teach you how to be a safe, fast, effective driver on the track with a combination of classroom sessions and on-track coaching.