About Time Trials

What is Time Trials, Track Day, and HPDE?

Whether it’s your first time or 100th time, our Time Trials program is ready for you. Bring your street car, dedicated track car, or anything in between to try and get the fastest lap time in your class.

We offer three different groups based on skill level. Novice/HPDE, Track Day, and Time Trials.

What is Novice/HPDE?

This is the group for you if you are brand new to track days or have very little on-track experience.  You will have a mix of classroom instruction and on-track sessions, paired up with one of our qualified driving instructors.  The goal is to teach you how to be a fast, safe, effective driver on track.  Once you graduate from the novice group and receive your solo sign-off approval you’re clear to drive on the track on your own.

Classroom: The classroom will teach you the concepts behind driving safe and fast on the track.  Our Chief Driving Instructor and qualified coaches will talk through the concepts, provide examples, and answer any questions you may have.

On Track: The on-track sessions are where you will apply the classroom concepts to reality.  You will be paired with a qualified driving instructor who will ride with you during your sessions and provide instantaneous feedback on how to improve.

What does it take to graduate from Novice to Track Day?

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What is Track Day?

Track Day is an intermediate group intended for those who have graduated from the novice program but are not yet ready for the full-blown timed competition of Time Trials. This group is open to anyone that has been solo approved by Texas Region Time Trials or any other approved HPDE/Novice group. Advanced drivers are also welcome to sign up for the Track Day Experienced group if they just want a more relaxed day at the track or don’t want to interfere with timed competition. Timing is optional and is not counted or classed in the Time Trials regional championship series. If you have a keen eye you may even see our Chief of Timing and Scoring sneak out during these sessions for a few laps of their own!

What does it take to graduate from Track Day to Time Trials?

After being Solo approved as a novice, drivers must participate in three track events in which they drive on the track by themselves without an instructor in the car. This event requirement can be with any accredited track day group, such as Apex, Drivers Edge, SCCA Track Night in America, BMW CCA, Porsche Club, etc.

Once you feel you are ready and meet the three-event minimum you must request a Time Trials check ride through our Chief Driving Instructor, who will assign you an evaluator. While this is a subjective process, your evaluator will be looking for the following items:

  • Track Safety: Are you seeing the flags? Do you know what each flag means? Are you following their instructions?
  • Etiquette: Are you courteous to other drivers on track? Are you giving appropriate point-bys? Are you executing your passes appropriately?
  • Awareness: Do you know where you are on the track? What is coming next? Do you know where the drivers are around you?
  • Pace: Are you getting more point-bys than you’re giving? Would you be keeping up with your class lap times in the Time Trials groups?

Final approval for a driver to run in the Time Trials competition group is at the discretion of the Time Trials staff and instructors.

While graduating from Track Day to Time Trials is the goal of our program, it is NOT a requirement. If you feel most comfortable participating in the Track Day group, then you are more than welcome to continue participating there.

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What is Time Trials?

When you’re ready to race against the clock, Time Trials is ready for you. Time Trials builds on the instruction you received in the Track Day Novice classes and seat time in the Track Day Experienced days while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against time. In this group you will be competing against fellow drivers in the same vehicle class for the fastest lap time of the day.  All sessions count and are officially scored using transponders.

Requirements: To compete in Time Trials you must have graduated from an accepted novice program and received solo approval. We accept a wide variety of other regional and national HPDE/novice groups. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact our Chief Driving Instructor.

Live Timing: Our events have two live timing options available.  We use both the MyLaps Speedhive and RaceHero apps.  Both apps receive the same timing information and are available free of charge on both Android and iOS devices.

Transponder Info: Texas Region uses the MyLaps AMB transponder and decoder system.  Any MyLaps vehicle transponder is compatible with our decoder system.  All of our events have rental transponders available If you have any questions about timing, please contact our Chief of Timing and Scoring.

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