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It’s finally here! The 2024 Time Trials season calendar has been posted! Check out the calendar page for all the details!


At the end of the 2023 season our transponder rental company is closing it’s doors. Thanks to their support, the support of all of our Time Trials participants, and Texas Region as a whole, we have been able to afford TWO sets of our own transponders and changing cases. With this equipment we will be able to continue running the program and opens up tons of exciting opportunities inside and outside of our region!


Registration for the first ever Time Trials DIVISIONAL event is now open! See the Next Event page for details.


Registration for event #1 is now open! See the Next Event page for details.


The 2023 Texas Region SCCA Time Trials supplemental rules (“Supps”) have been posted. The 2023 document contains a significant upgrade & clarifications to the rules surrounding convertible cars and rollbars. See the Time Trials Rules and Classing page for details.


For the first time ever Texas Region Time Trials is offering annual registration! For more information see the Annual Registration page.

2023 Time Trials Calendar

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April 1stMotorsports Ranch Cresson - 1.7 CW
April 15-16DIVISIONAL at Eagles Canyon Raceway - 2.7 BOTH WAYS
June 17thEagles Canyon Raceway - 1.65 CCW
July 15thEagles Canyon Raceway - 2.7 CCW
August 12thMotorsports Ranch Cresson - 1.7 CCW
October 21stMotorsports Ranch Cresson - 3.1 CCW
November 11thMotorsports Ranch Cresson - 1.3 CCW