Region Awards

Member of the Year

  1. The Texas Region SCCA shall establish an award to recognize a member who by his/her actions and contributions to the Texas Region, SCCA during the year.
  2. The award shall be a permanent traveling award with attached plates on which shall be the name of each year’s winner.
  3. The current winner may have possession of the award during the year after winning the award but must return the award to the Board of Directors of Texas Region by the November meeting of the club.
  4. The Board of Directors shall, in secret session, select the recipient with sufficient time to have the recipient’s name affixed to the Trophy. The Board and Officers shall make all effort to not reveal the name of the winner until the actual presentation of the award. The award may be displayed at the awards banquet but the name must be covered until the actual presentation.
  5. Except for members of the Board of Directors, any member in good standing of the Texas Region SCCA is eligible to be selected as Member of the Year.
  6. The member of the year award is the most prestigious recognition given by the Texas Region and the presentation will be the highlight of the awards presentation ceremony and will be the FINAL award presented. After the member of the year there will be no further presentations.
  7. The award is named in honor of Douglas F. Miller, a deceased member of Texas Region SCCA. The award is to be called the “The Doug Miller Memorial Member of the Year, Texas Region SCCA” award.
  8. Prior to the presentation of the “Doug Miller” award the previous year winner will receive a commemorative plaque to keep.
  9. In the case where there is no award made during a year, the Board shall hold the traveling trophy until such time as a member of the year is chosen in accordance to the above conditions.

Past Winners of the Member of the Year Award

  • 2023 – Tim Mason
  • 2022 – Miles Furlong
  • 2021 – John Poulos
  • 2020 – ???
  • 2019 – Taylor Burnidge
  • 2018 – Bob Neff
  • 2017 – Brad Flack
  • 2016 – Robey Clark
  • 2015 – Tom Brown
  • 2014 – Steve Eberlein
  • 2013 – Robey Clark
  • 2012 – Paul Pineider
  • 2011 – Ute Zettlitzer
  • 2010 – Liz Witt
  • 2009 – Matt Lucas
  • 2008 – Kenny Baker
  • 2007 – Brad & Jen Maxcy
  • 2006 – Matt Lucas
  • 2005 – Robey Clark
  • 2004 – Brian Sill
  • 2003 – Jake Davis
  • 2002 – Peter Fehn
  • 2001 – Kevin Williams
  • 2000 – Marty Smith

David C. Engelman Award

One of the most important trophies we give out at the annual Awards Banquet is the David C. Engelman Memorial Award. It is a beautiful piece of hardware, with a Bronze Eagle on a walnut base, which was donated to the Region for a presentation on an annual basis, by Costa and Wilma Dunias. They wrote:

“Our fondest memories, of our days before Denver, are of the “family atmosphere” that seemed to prevail at our weekends with the Texas Region. We loaned spark plugs, rear ends, helped switch motors, held underage children while mommy and daddy raced or worked in the fast pits at races. We even staggered pylons at Solo events, designed some and ran others. We worked check points, set up rallies, and ran a few of those, too. We even learned to throw tires, drink beer, tell lies, and eat old dead chickens… the list goes on and on and on”

“WE LEARNED FROM DAVID! SCCA is a club where people can realize dreams of excellence, but it is also a “community” where people share of themselves in the process of doing. It is that spirit of sharing that we want to celebrate as we pay tribute to David’s memory”

“The recipient must be a Texas Region member, it is not important that the person be a driver or entrant, but more a participant in the activities. We want the member that is recognized to be the one who consistently goes out of his or her way to give and to help others. It’s easy to get caught up in one’s own business and forget that others are involved. We want to honor the one who exhibits the “go give” spirit .. one who treats other people the way they want to be treated without regards for themselves. “Please have region members make nominations and submit letters describing why their nominees should be selected by you. This will give you a good cross section of nominees from all areas of the Region. After all, David did participate in Race, Rally, Solo and was a charter Assbuster!

“It is our thought that this should be a traveling trophy. The Eagle will remain in the possession of the Region. The recipient would receive a plaque to keep and the Eagle can be passed on annually.”

Thanks to Costa and Wilma, you have a chance to participate in the selection of people to be recognized as “special” at the Awards Banquet. Please send your nomination to any Board member.

Past Winners of the David C Engelman Award

  • 2021 – Kurt Janish
  • 2020 – Kenny Baker
  • 2018 – Brad & Jen Maxcy
  • 2017 – Matt Lucas
  • 2016 – Buck Entriken
  • 2015 – Robey Clark
  • 2014 – Matt Lucas
  • 2009 – Joyce McKinstry
  • 2007 – Hal Williams
  • 2005 – Sasha Lanz
  • 2003 – Rick Cardenas
  • 2002 – John Garcia
  • 2001 – Bill Griffith
  • 1999 – Kurt Janish
  • 1998 – Reb Folbre
  • 1997 – Jack Marr
  • 1996 – Darren Brown
  • 1995 – Tom & Janet Brown
  • 1993 – Judy Green
  • 1992 – Bill Griffith
  • 1991 – Roy Maxwell
  • 1990 – James Clem
  • 1989 – Lon McKinstry