Race Committee

Sitara Wilson Race Chairman 480-518-4218
Ron Bashor Asst. Race Chairman 614-557-3926
Brian Sill Flagging & Comm 817-808-6870
Reb Folbre Competition Licensing 940-682-4382
Paul May R.A. Scrutineer 972-816-8009
Ron Bashor Course Marshal & Equipment 614-557-3926
Steve Salmons Starter 817-283-2800
Sheila Thornburg Grid Marshall 817-483-6590
Steve Kramer Paddock Marshall 972-762-3419
Charles Orean Timing & Scoring 817-283-4359
Brad Flack Time Trials & PDX 951-283-5690

Autocross Committee

David Powers Asst RE Solo 469-450-6938
Bob Neff Tech Chief 214-218-9483
Taylor Burnidge Registration Chief 630-292-0336
Gary Kramar Timing Chief 817-649-5524
Tim Boesche Safety Chief 817-734-5395
Phil Osborne Safety Co-Chief 214-288-3922
Tim Bergin Worker Chief 972-841-8884
Ian Ma Waivers Chief 469-644-4642
Jerrett Jan Course Chief
Ann Bergin Novice Chief
Sam Graff Novice Co-Chief 817-907-3585
David Anderson Sound Chief 972-672-6081
Matt Lucas Youth Steward 817-431-9491
Brad Maxcy Equipment Chief 214-697-5771
Miles Furlong Equipment Co-Chief 401-575-2825

Rally Committee

John Poulos Asst RE Rally 214-289-7357
Liz Witt Rallymaster 469-238-9195
Jerry White Rallymaster 217-390-7851
Sasha Lanz Rallymaster 214-797-0171

Region Officers

Matt Lucas Regional Executive 817-431-9491
Taylor Burnidge Secretary 630-292-0336
Sherrie Ledbetter Treasurer
Sitara Wilson ARE/Race 480-518-4218
John Poulos ARE/Rally 214-289-7357
David Powers ARE/Solo 469-450-6938
Brad Flack ARE/Time Trials 951-283-5680
Jennifer Maxcy ARE/Membership 214-683-5450
India Bounds RoundUp Editor

Region Directors

David Anderson 972-672-6081
Moses Smith
Brad Gross 817-239-8633
Paul May 972-816-8009
Brad Maxcy 214-697-5771
Phil Elmore 469-964-8085
Tim Boesche 817-734-5395

SOWDIV Region Contacts

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SOWDIV Stewards

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SOWDIV Administrators

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Area 7 Director

Dan Helman 713-204-5097


Kenneth Baker Texas Region Webmaster

SCCA National Office Contacts

SCCA MAILING & Shipping Address

6620 SE Dwight St.
Topeka, KS 66619 

Telephone Numbers

Toll Free: 1-800-770-2055
Local: 785-357-7222
Facsimile: 785-232-7213

For address changes, please send your updated information along with your member number to: membership@scca.com

Note: When sending an email, please include your full name, e-mail address and telephone number (as an alternate method of contacting you) in the body of your message to ensure a prompt response.

MEMBERSHIP Issues/Concerns

- Welcoming Environment Statement

- Social Media Policy

Send an email to membership@scca.com

SCCA Sanction & insurance requests

For sanction & insurance requests, post-event audit and event paperwork, please send requests to sanction@scca.com

SCCA Sanction

P.O. Box 1833

Topeka, KS  66601

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Mike Cobb

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mary Hill

Executive Assistant


Mindi Pfannenstiel

Senior Director,
Finance & Human Resources

Phyllis Wells

Manager, Accounting & Human Resources

Accounting Assistant

Member and Region Services
Have a membership question? ask us!
Chris Robbins

Director, Region Development

Rick Myers

Manager, Region Development

John Burchardt

Event Production Manager

Aimee Thoennes

Manager, Member Services

CherriLea Roduner

Customer Service Specialist Lead

Sally Downs


Kathy Cowen

Senior Membership Administrator

Lori Price

Member Services Specialist

Candice Bailey

Member Services Specialist

John Bauer

Systems Engineer III

Derrick Frakes

Systems Engineer II

Vance Jurgens

Technology Administrator

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, Marketing and Experiential

Heyward Wagner

Senior Director, Marketing & Experiential Programs

Andie Albin

Creative Manager

Jim Llewellyn

Public Relations Manager

Jennifer McAbee

New Program Manager (Experiential)

Jon Krolewicz

Time Trials Program Manager

Blair Deffenbaugh

Marketing Project Manager

Brandy Wiggans

(Contingency) Programs Coordinator


Eric Prill

Vice President and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Jamie Mullin

Assistant Manager, Administration

Stephanie Perry

Administrative Assistant, Operations

John Bauer

Systems Engineer III, Operations


Sanction & Insurance Requests, Post-event audit and event paperwork

Road Racing

General inquiries

Deanna Flanagan

Director, Road Racing

Claudine Stueve

Assistant Manager, Road Racing

Rick Harris

Road Racing Technical Manager

Scott Schmidt

Road Racing Technical Assistant

Texas Region SCCA Mission

The mission of the Texas Region SCCA is to fuel a fun and exciting motorsports experience for local auto enthusiasts. Texas Region SCCA Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred motorsports organization in North Texas, built on fun, shared passion, and access to an exhilarating motorsports experience. We will help shape the community through driver education for the street, track and closed course events, as well as continuing to develop top quality workers for event support.

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General Inquiries

Howard Duncan

Senior Director, Rally/Solo

Doug Gill

Rally/Solo Competition Manager

Brian Harmer

Rally/Solo Program Manager