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2024 Solo/Autocross Calendar

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March 3rdEvent #1 - Solo MemorialLonestar Park
April 21stEvent #2 - Cone ShenanigansBurleson High School
May 19thEvent #3 - Cones MeowBurleson High School
June 1st (SATURDAY)Event #4 - Cone DodgerFrederick Regional Airport, Frederick Oklahoma
July 14thEvent #5 - You Cones like Mexico?ECR Road CourseRegistration Open!
August 4thEvent #6 - ...Cones And?Lonestar Park
September 15thEvent #7 - Liter-a-ConesLonestar Park
October 27thEvent #8 - A Large ConeLonestar Park
November 24thEvent #9 - Does That Look Like Cone?Lonestar Park