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Road Racing

Road Racing

Wheel to Wheel Racing

Road racing cars on the track. Event organization with volunteer members to provide a safe and exciting racing experience.

Time Trials / Track Events

Time Trials / Track Events

Race track driving against the clock.

The Time Trial program accommodate all types of cars - from street cars to fully-prepared race vehicles. Time Trial events can be competitive events. Track Events are non-competitive events and are designed to concentrate on driver enjoyment and the application of performance driving techniques.

Road Rally

Road Rally

Popular GTA Rally

Texas Region rallies are not speed events, but usually run on fun-to-drive roads. Teams are scored on how closely they matched the answers to the questions asked during the event.



Compete against the clock

Autocross is a contest against the clock. You get 3-5 tries at a different course at each event. Your best time determine how you place.

Upcoming Events

Rally, October 17

Tick Tock Registration

Fellow Road Rally enthusiasts:

You’re invited to the Tick Tock Rally, an SCCA Regional Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) tour rally.  The rally will start and end in Anna, Texas and will traverse paved backroads of Collin County.  At fun speeds. This is a precision driving event to (re)introduce TSD rallying to the Texas Region. We give you speeds to travel and then time you at points along the route to see how well you maintain those speeds.  Liz Witt is Rallymaster and, for those who know her, she promises there are absolutely no traps on this rally. All instructions telling you where to go have official mileages so following the course is very easy. It is not a speed or racing contest. Timing will rely on the Richta GPS smart phone app, developed recently by an experienced SCCA rallyist.  We will send you information on it after you pre-register. Also, we plan to conduct a Rally School, including a short test rally that you can run to see how the app works, before rally day. More to follow on this.

Time Trial, Sept. 27

September 27
Time Trials, Eagles Canyon Raceway 1.65 CW

Registration Open

Entry List

Required TT Tech Form (pdf)

2020 Time Trials Supplementary Rules (pdf)

There will be no Track Experience (TE) at this event due to the Texas COVID-19 mandates. 

Interested? If you have a car that is qualified to compete in SCCA autocross events you can run with Texas Region Time Trials! No other vehicle equipment or certifications are required.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact Brad Flack (bradflack@earthlink.net) or (racelion14@gmail.com) if you need any assistance.

Masks must be worn onsite at this event and social distancing must be practiced. No spectators at this event. 

This event is Time Trial only.

Become A Race Official

Here’s What You Get:

  • See racing “up close and personal” for FREE
  • FREE lunch both Saturday and Sunday
  • FREE dinner, softdrinks, and beer at Satuday night party
  • FREE Training

Here’s What To Bring:

You will need your SCCA membership card – or tell the folks that you would like to get a temporary membership in order try things out. Sign the waiver form that basically says you are here because you want to be here and you understand the risks (and rewards!). Be sure to introduce yourself to the worker chief and tell him if you have any special requests, like you may want to be a starter, grid, timing and scoring or anything besides a corner worker.

Eligible specialties include:

  • Race Stewards / Race Chairmen / Pace Driver
  • Flagging and Communications
  • Timing and Scoring
  • Start
  • Grid
  • Pits and Paddock
  • Tech (Scrutineering)
  • Course Marshall
  • Sound Control
  • Registration
  • Race Control / Radio Comm

Texas Region

2021 Board of Directors Nominations

Greetings Texas Region Members!

Nominations for the 2021 Board of Directors are now open. Every year we elect the Regional Executive, Secretary, Treasurer, and three board directors. Any Texas Region SCCA member in good standing is eligible to serve on the board. If you’d like to help out, learn more about the “behind the scenes” operations, and help shape important decisions & direction of the club, serving on the board may be for you!

You can read more information about the Texas Region Board of Directors on our website at: Link to Texas Region SCCA Board Information.

If you’re interested in serving for the board, please contact our current Board Secretary for nomination instructions. You can send a separate email to racelion14@gmail.com. Nominations close October 11th.

Taylor Burnidge

Secretary, Texas Region
Sports Car Club of America

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