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2019 Time Trials Results / Points Updated

Next Event, October 27

Time Trials,Track Experience, & Enduro

Eagles Canyon Raceway, 1.65 counter-clockwise “Italian Canyon” configuration

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2019 Time Trials Supplemental Rules

Enduro Rules & Details

This event has two options for participation: Time Trials(TT) and Track Experience (TE). It is being run under the 2019 SCCA General Time Trial Level 2 Rules. SCCA Track Experience (TE) are designed to concentrate on driver enjoyment, philosophy, and the application of performance driving techniques with an instructor. Track Events are non-competitive – participants do not receive lap times. SCCA Time Trials (TT) events provide a constructive learning environment that stresses proper driving techniques, while at the same time offering lap times.

Additionally, for this event only, all Time Trials participants are eligible to run in the afternoon Enduro session. Please see the additional information ‘Afternoon Enduro Sessions’ below.

This event has two registration options – Track Experience and Time Trial. Please choose the correct element during the registration process:

The Track Experience (TE) element is open to novices with little or no track experience. TE drivers will have an instructor assigned to them for the day and will participate in classroom sessions covering track driving concepts, etiquette, and more.

The Time Trials (TT) element is a timed event (SCCA level 2 Track Event), with the option to participate in the 2019 Time Trials Championship Series.

Driver qualification for Time Trials will be as follows:
Hold a current SCCA Competition license, or a history of tracking events with SCCA or SCCA recognized organizations such as PCA, NASA, CHIN, BMW, PBOC, etc; or

Hold a current SCCA PDX License; or
Hold an SCCA PDX log book that indicates the ability to ‘solo’ and has successfully completed at least 3 SCCA PDX events; or
Has been approved to drive solo by any of the following HPDE schools: Apex, Drivers Edge, Chinn, Eagles Canyon, Texas World, Edge Addicts.

Receive an entry waiver from the Event Chief Driving Instructor.
If you do not meet the requirements of 1-4 above, you can request an entry waiver by contacting the Chief Driving Instructor, Brad Flack (bradflack@earthlink.net). All drivers approved for participation who do not meet 1-4 above and who don’t have and entry waiver will need to choose the Track Experience (TE) option when registering. TE drivers will have an instructor assigned to them for the day. Log Books will be provided at registration. The log books will be filled out after each session and can be used toward PDX licensing.

*Your AMB transponder must be compatible with our timing system. If you’re not sure, please email Brad Flack (bradflack@earthlink.net) for clarification.

Afternoon Enduro Sessions

In the afternoon Texas Region is holding a Time Trial Enduro with 45 minute run sessions, supplanting our normal 20 minute sessions. This is a format introducing a new Time Trial event format requiring time management, skill and endurance.

The traditional Time Trial event of three 20-minute sessions for time and 2019 season points will be held in the morning. The afternoon sessions will be an Enduro single event championship. The morning Time Trial event will be used to set the field for our Enduro event. After all of the TT event sessions have been finalized, the group will take a lunch break, new run groups will be re-assigned by times from the Time Trials sessions in the morning. New classes will be assigned for the Enduro event only.

Who Is Eligible

Any solo Time Trial qualified driver with Season points in the 2019 Texas Region Time Trial series, or a graduate of a 2019 Texas Region Time trial Track Experiences school. The morning Time Trials session for this event can count towards your Enduro eligibility!
All cars must be eligible for Time Trials based on the 2019 TT Supps., and have run in the morning Time Trials to qualify for the Enduro

All vehicles competing in the Enduro, must compete in the same configuration as they ran in the time trials in the morning points paying qualifying session. Competitors may self-police with protests to be held in impound post-run session.
Only one driver per vehicle is allowed. There will be no Teams or driver changes allowed. The driver qualifying the car in the Time Trial MUST be the driver to run the Enduro


November 9, 2018

Eagles Canyon Raceway

To Register for just the Time Trial use this link

Registration Open

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To Register for Targa, (Time Trail, Rally, Solo) use this link

Registration Open

Entry List

The Texas Region SCCA will host the inaugural Texas Targa November 9-10, 2019.

What is a Targa? A Targa is like an automotive triathlon where teams of two drivers will compete in three events (Time Trials, Road Rally, and Autocross) over 2 days.  Class winners will be based on cumulative points; there will be classes for all experience levels.  Add in a BBQ dinner for all Targa competitors as well as any other interested Texas Region members/friends and you have a Texas Region sized motorsports experience!   

The Texas Targa will have classes for all levels of experience.  Each team (except experiential) will earn points in each event towards the overall trophies.

  • Experiential:  For teams that just want to experience Targa but are not interested in competition.  Experiential teams will get as much seat time as the competition drivers
  • Novice – For teams with experience in only one type of discipline (Autocross, Rally or Time Trials) or less.
  • Intermediate – For teams with experience in two or three disciplines (Autocross, Rally or Time Trials)
  • Advanced – For teams where one or more team members has been a class or National champion any of the disciplines (Autocross, Rally or Time Trials)
  • Towed Vehicle/Open Tire:  In this class you may use a different competition car for the road rally.  You also may run any tires allowed for your class in Time Trials and Solo.

Schedule highlights:

Saturday 11/9

  • Time Trials: Eagles Canyon Raceway
  • Road Rally:  Eagles Canyon Raceway
  • Texas Region Social and Targa Dinner: Rudy’s BBQ, Denton

Sunday 11/10

  • Autocross: Lone Star Park

Schedule details and Registration link coming soon!


  • $200/vehicle – two entrants per vehicle.  Price includes 1 entry for vehicle into Autocross, Rally, and Time Trial, as well as 2 participant dinners.
  • $400/vehicle:  two entrants per vehicle.  Price includes 2 entries for drivers into Autocross and time trials, 1 entry into Rally, as well as 2 participant dinners.
  • Texas Region SCCA Social at Rudy’s BBQ (dinner only):  $16 per person.  Dinner is included for Targa participants, but everyone is invited to invited to come join the fun at the dinner.

More information is available at https://www.facebook.com/events/2317978468319240/?active_tab=about

For event related questions, please contact Phil Elmore at cbfltexans@yahoo.com

2019 Time Trials Championships

DatesEvent / TypeTrack
January 26-27Double Regional Time Trial and SCCA Club RacesMSR 1.7 track
May 11Regional Time TrialMSR 1.7 track
June 29-30Double Regional Points event COTA
July 27
Cancelled / rescheduled
Regional Time Trial
August 24Regional Time TrialMSR 1.3 track
September 21
New Date
Regional Time TrialMSR 1.7 CCW
October 27Time Trial Enduro. A special event taking place on the Texas Region Time Trials calendar - In the morning sessions, the time trial format will be held to facilitate season points. The afternoon sessions will change up to 45 minute Time Trial sessions. The timing for the session will be a pre-determined, but unpublished 10 minute time frame. This changes up the run one or two laps planning to run smooth and fast for 45 minutes to win your class. Class winners will be announced that evening at a post event social hour. Eagles Canyon
November 9Texas Region Time Trail, TargaEagles Canyon
December 7Regional Time Trial / Toy DriveMSR 1.3 track

* You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver license. Convertibles, unless they are equipped with a hard top or an approved roll bar/hoop, are not allowed, See exceptions. Cars with other removable tops like, t-tops, and targa tops must meet appropriate safety regulations. The following convertibles are approved. MINI Cooper Convertibles, 2002 Porsche Boxster, and the Honda S2000 have been approved by the manufacturer as having factory rollover protection.

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Hagerty Track Day Insurance

Hargerty offers coverage for your vehicle while it’s on the track, unlike your standard insurance plan.



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6” x 100’ – $172.99
12” x 40’ – $138.99
12” x 60’ – $207.00
12” x 100’ – $344.99
18” x 40’ – $206.99
18” x 60’ – $310.50
18” x 100’ – $517.99”

Track Experience

Track Experience, (TE) is a great way to get qualified. The Track Experience instruction program provides an instructional environment for drivers who simply want learn or improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their vehicle. True to the “run what ya brung” adage, all it takes to be a part is your street car, a valid license and a helmet.

TE events are about you, the driver. Plenty of seat time, plenty of individual instruction and a ton of driving exercises make up a Track Experience; all of which is designed to educate you and make you more confident behind the wheel, both on the track and on the street.

Participants receive a solid blend of driving instruction, ranging from the classroom to in-car training to “follow me” drills. A wide range of topics are discussed and shown at a TE, including: following a “racing line”, passing zones, Safe Track techniques and other general driving skills. Of course, each driver receives feedback from his or her instructor at the end of each lesson.

Do you have a car that meets our regional requirements? (Our rules and supplemental rules.
Do you have a Qualifying Helmet?

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Time Trials

When you’re ready to race against the clock, Time Trials is ready for you. Time Trials builds on the instruction you received in the Track Experience classes while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against time. Competition classes are formed (with both street and fully-prepared race cars), and winners are decided by fastest time around the course.

Time Trials is limited to drivers who meet the following on-track qualifications:
Are you certified by a qualified HPDE or performance driver’s school?
Do you have a car that meets our regional requirements? (Our rules and supplemental rules.
Do you have a qualifying helmet?

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