Time Trials Rules and Classing

Texas Region Supps

Texas Region Time Trials events are governed by our regional Supplemental Rules in addition to the National Time Trials classing. These supps provide details on how the regional program is run, how the board and its members operate, and specific details regarding the seasonal points championship.

Open wheel cars are NOT permitted at any Texas Region Time Trials events.

Click here: 2024 Supps Document


The Texas Region Time Trials program uses the SCCA National Time Trials classing. Visit the National Time Trials website for classing information. If you need further assistance, you can contact any member of the Texas Region Time Trials board.

Texas Region has also compiled a supplemental guide to help direct you into the new National classing. Click here for Excel or here for PDF.

I have a Road Race car. Can I participate in a Time Trials event? Yes! With some exceptions, many Road Race classes are eligible to participate in any regular Texas Region SCCA Time Trials event. Please see the list below for eligible classes and their Time Trials equivalent.

Unfortunately some classes are specifically excluded from participation because their performance significantly exceeds even the fastest of our region Time Trial cars. Additionally, open wheel cars that are not already explicitly classed in the National Time Trials rules are not eligible for participation.

  • Time Trials “Unlimited 1” Class: GT3, GTX, GTA, AS, T1, T2, T3, T4, STU
  • Time Trials “Unlimited 2” Class: GTL, IT all, STL, P all, SM, B-Spec, SP, SPB
  • Excluded:  GT1, GT2

Safety Rules

All Texas Region SCCA Time Trials events adhere to the SCCA National Time Trials “Level 1” safety rules. Details on this rule-set can be found on the National Time Trials website here.

Tech Form & Helmet Rules

Click here for the Tech Form

Texas Region follows the ‘Level 1’ safety rules for all Time Trials events. You can see the list of approved helmets on the National website here. For an alternative graphical view, you can view the Solo helmet rules here.