About Road Rally

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About Road Rally

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A Road Rally is a competition for two people in a car. There are several types of rally from the professional speed event on forest roads to an after-meeting scavenger hunt. We offer the popular GTA (Games, Tours, Adventures) rally, often known as the “gimmick rally”. Speed is not a factor on these events. The teams are given a set of route instructions. These instructions tell the team where to go so that all teams follow the same path to the ending point of the rally.

Texas Region rallies are not speed events, but usually run on fun-to-drive roads. They are also a test of rule following and logic. Teams are scored on how closely they matched the answers to the questions asked during the event.

Following a course correctly is not as simple as you may think. Since these events are run on public roads it is easy to miss count the 3rd traffic light or turn right on Elm Street when you should be turning on Elm Road. That is why the navigator is an important part of the team.

We occasionally have classes for First-Timers and Novices that are just starting the sport. Simple equipment like a note pad, clipboard, and a full tank of gas is all that is required to give rally a try.
There is also a Master Class is for people who have won so many trophies that they don’t want any more.

The events normally end at a popular place to eat. There, the teams get together and share their humorous stories on how they tried their best to follow the instructions. The correct answers to the gimmick questions are provided for all that might have missed some of the questions.

Rallies take a few volunteer workers to make it all happen. If you like event organization activities or just seeing the happy faces at the end, join us. These positions don’t take any special skills to help but are important to the success of the event. Rallyists who cannot run an event on the announced date can arrange to run it early, as a “check-run”. This is a great help to the organizers.