Time Trials FAQ

  1. Accepted Outside Certifications
  2. Check Rides
  3. Transponders
  4. Live Timing Apps
  5. On Track Expectations
  6. Convertibles and Rollbar Requirements
  7. I have a Road Race car. Can I participate in a Time Trials?
  8. Were there any photographers at the event?

Accepted Outside Certifications: Texas Region Time Trials recognizes on track certifications from groups besides SCCA. A list of commonly accepted certifications are listed below. This list is not conclusive, and if you do not see your certification listed please feel free to contact our Chief Driving Instructor.

  • SCCA Club Race competition license
  • APEX Intermediate or Advanced
  • Chin Track Days Intermediate or Advanced
  • ECR IPD/APD Solo Approved
  • Edge Addicts Intermediate or Advanced
  • NASA TT/Race
  • The Drivers Edge Intermediate or Advanced

Check Rides: When coming from an outside group or seeking to graduate between groups, you or an instructor may ask you to perform a check ride. A separate instructor will ride with you for a few laps and observe your on track abilities. The instructor will be looking at the below criteria to determine if you are eligible to graduate to the next group:

  • Knowledge of all flags and is looking at all flag stations when on track
  • Demonstrable knowledge of track conditions and optimal racing line
  • Demonstrates “360 degree awareness”
  • Appropriate car control for the limits of their car and driving abilities
  • Knowledge of point-by procedures (giving and taking)
  • (Time Trials only) Pace appropriate for their car, modifications, and competitors in the Time Trials group

Transponder Info: Texas Region uses the MyLaps AMB transponder and decoder system.  Any MyLaps vehicle transponder is compatible with our decoder system.  All of our events have rental transponders available If you have any questions about timing, please contact our Chief of Timing and Scoring.

Live Timing Apps: Our events have two live timing options available.  We use both the MyLaps Speedhive and RaceHero apps.  Both apps receive the same timing information and are available free of charge on both Android and iOS devices.

On Track Expectations: Anyone who is solo approved may be bumped back to novice due to unsafe on-track actions, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple bad passes
  • Multiple off-track events
  • Repeated missed flags
  • Repeated blend line violations (if track applicable)
  • Any other recurring unsafe actions on track

Convertibles and Rollbar Requirements: For Texas Region Time Trials events, convertibles year 2005 and older must have an appropriate rollbar installed as part of the safety requirements. Any convertibles year 2006 and newer are not explicitly required to have a rollbar installed, but they must meet the safety requirements/limitations listed in the SCCA National Time Trials Level 1 safety rules.

I have a Road Race car. Can I participate in a Time Trials event? Yes! With some exceptions, many Road Race classes are eligible to participate in any regular Texas Region SCCA Time Trials event. Please see the list below for eligible classes and their Time Trials equivalent.

Unfortunately some classes are specifically excluded from participation because their performance significantly exceeds even the fastest of our region Time Trial cars. Additionally, open wheel cars that are not already explicitly classed in the National Time Trials rules are not eligible for participation.

  • Time Trials “Unlimited 1” Class: GT3, GTX, GTA, AS, T1, T2, T3, T4, STU
  • Time Trials “Unlimited 2” Class: GTL, IT all, STL, P all, SM, B-Spec, SP, SPB
  • Excluded:  GT1, GT2

Were there any photographers at the event? Probably! Besides any visiting photographers, we have two region members that usually attend our events and manage to snap a few pictures. Both of their SmugMug links are below. Take a look and let them know you appreciate their efforts by buying a picture or two!