Road Rally

Fellow Road Rally enthusiasts:

Our Road Rally program for 2020 has been seriously disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant necessary public health safety restrictions and mandates instituted at national, state and local levels. The virus has impacted all SCCA disciplines, with many events cancelled or postponed, or held under restrictive conditions. Given the current state and troublesome trends evident in Texas, we have had to put on hold or cancel our scheduled rally events for the season. We are monitoring developments continually and hope to reschedule at least some of them, following strict public health safety measures and restrictions and implementing thorough safety protocols provided by the SCCA.

As always, we are committed to protecting the health of our participants, their families, and the members of the communities where they live and work. Unfortunately this means event reschedules in order to do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus. I have heard from many of you and I know there’s a lot of pent up interest in getting out and rallying (and just getting out of the house)! At this time, the next event we’re aiming for is the Tick Tock Rally, which we have postponed from August 15 to October 17, conditions permitting. Stay tuned for updates. I look forward to seeing you out on our country roads as soon as possible.


John Poulos
Rally Chair/Assistant Regional Executive for Rally, Texas Region SCCA

2020 Rally Events / Results

February 9ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
TBDDFW Map Rally
October 3Rally School
October 17, New DateTick-Tock-Rally
October CancelledONTO Fall Rally (National Course/GTA/Tour event March 27/28 2021)
October 31 CancelledTarga Road Rally

2019 Rally Events / Results

March 31 ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
May 18CompletedRally School
May 25ResultsTulip Time Rally
August 24ResultsDFW Map Rally
October 5CompletedRally School
October 19 ResultsONTO Fall Rally
November 9ResultsTarga [Time Trials/Rally/Autocross]
December CancelledChildren's Book Run Rally

Past Rally Results