Road Rally

Our next upcoming rallies are the Tick Tock Rally (May 1st) and the DFW Map Rally (June 19th). Details to follow soon.

2021 Rally Events / Results

February 6CompletedSweetheart Ride Road Rally Orientation / Rally School
February 28, Date ChangedOverall Results

Class Results
Sweetheart Ride Road Rally
May 1Tick Tock Rally
June 19DFW Map Rally
August 21Targa Road Rally (part of TT / RoadRally / Autocross Targa weekend)
October 23 ONTO Fall National Course Rally
October 23ONTO Fall National GTA Rally
October 24 Aftershock National Tour Rally

2020 Rally Events / Results

February 9ResultsSweetheart Ride Road Rally
TBDDFW Map Rally
October 10CompletedRally School
October 17Overall Results

Class Results
October CancelledONTO Fall Rally (National Course/GTA/Tour event March 27/28 2021)
October 31 CancelledTarga Road Rally

Past Rally Results