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Event Cancelled, Texas SCCA Fall Festival Races
September 18-20

This event was cancelled due to lack of support for race entries.

SCCA Announces New Criteria for the Runoffs 

SCCA Regional Event Weekends: If a Region holds a Majors event with a Regional‐sanctioned run group and a driver participates in both the Majors and Regional run group in the same Runoffs‐eligible class, only Majors credit will be earned toward qualification. Regional events must occur between January 1, 2020 and a date not less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the Runoffs (September 21, 2020) and may be in any division. Excludes Enduros.

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Temporary SCCA Medical Requirement Change

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the suspension of non-urgent healthcare visits at this time, the requirement for a physician approved SCCA medical form has been temporarily waived. If you have not experienced any significant change in your health and fitness, please complete a new Applicant’s Medical History Form (download pdf form here) and submit it as you would your SCCA Medical Form. This will extend the current medical on file for your renewal period. Once your healthcare provider resumes normal physical exam appointments, please complete and submit a signed SCCA medical form and we will update your record accordingly. Currently, this waiver applies to license renewals only with an expiration date of on or before May 31, 2020. This is for RENEWALS ONLY whose license and medical have not lapsed for more than 6 months.

2020 Road Race Schedule

Jan. 25-26Polar Prix, MSR CressonMajors Divisional Races, SWRRC Points, Runoffs Eligible
Feb. 8-9Lone Star Grand Prix, COTA2-Day Southern Conference Super Tour, SWRRC Points, Runoffs Eligible
April 4-5Hallett Super Tour, Hallet RacewayThis event was cancelled Mar 21, 2020
May 23-24Fun In The Sun Triple, MSR HoustonMajors Divisional Races, SWRRC Points, Runoffs Eligible
Aug. 8-9 CancelledSunburn Grand Prix, Eagles Canyon RacewayMajors Divisional Races, SWRRC Points, Runoffs Eligible
Sept. 5-6Labor Day Triple , MSR HoustonMajors/Year End SWRRC Divisional Races, SWRRC Points, Runoffs Eligible
Sept. 18-20 CancelledTexas Festival , MSR CressonSchool/RR Races, No SWRRC Points, Non Points Races
Nov. 6-8Fall Roundup, Eagles Caynon RacewayDouble Divisional Races, SWRRC Points, 2021 Runoffs Eligible

2019 Road Race Schedule

DatesEvent / TypePoints Details
January 26-27Winter Festival at MSR Cresson, Hosted by Texas RegionRunoffs Eligible, Majors Divisional Races, SWRRC Points
February 8-10Polar Prix Super Tour at COTA, hosted by Lone Star region / SowdivRunoffs Eligible, Southern Conference Super Tour SWRRC Points
March 29-31Hallett Super Tour at Hallett hosted by AVRGRunoffs Eligible, Mid States/Southern Super Tour
May 25-26Fun In The Sun at MSR Houston hosted by Houston RegionRunoffs Eligible, Majors Divisional Races SWRRC Points
June 29-30
Lone Star Grand Prix at COTA hosted by Texas Region & Lone Star RegionRunoffs Eligible, Majors Divisional Races SWRRC Points
Aug. 31 - Sept. 1Labor Day Triple at MSR Houston hosted by Houston RegionRunoffs Eligible, Majors/Year End SWRRC Divisional Races SWRRC Points Sunday Afternoon Race Double Points
Sept 20-22Super School Festival RaceFriday evening and Saturday are Super School. Driver School to obtain Full Competition License. Sunday is NON Points Festival Races

Latest Race Results

September 5,6,7, 2020 MSR Houston 2.380 miles
Labor Day Triple Majors

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