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Texas Region Road Racing

Road Race, VooDoo Le Cinq
March 3-4 2018, NOLA Motorsports Park

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2017 SWRRC Trophy Award Winners

Name Class Region
Tom Himes AS Champion Delta
John Phillips B-Spec Champion Hou
James Wilson B-Spec 2nd Place Hou
Kent Carter B-Spec 3rd Place Hou
Eric Ritchie T1 Champion Hou
James R Smith T2 Champion Hou
Lowell Huston T4 Champion Hou
James Place T4-2nd Place Tex
David Fershtand GT1 Champion Tex
James Marshall GT1-2nd Place Tex
Don Noe GT1-3rd Place Tex
Steve Pounds GT2 Champion Hou
Charlie Vehle GT2-2nd Place Hou
Mark Sherrin GT2-3rd Place Tex
Andrew Chartrand STL Champion Hou
Billy Roberts STL-2nd Place Tex
Will Snyder STL-3rd Place Tex
Luis Rivera STU Champion Hou
Roy Johnson STU-2nd Place Hou
James Rogerson EP Champion Hou
Matt Reynolds EP-2nd Place Almo
Matt Blehm EP-3rd Place Hou
Kyle Baker FP Champion Hou
John Trenery Jr HP Champion Hou
Neil Verity HP-2nd Place Almo
Larry Svaton HP-3rd Place Hou
Harrison Williams SRF Champion Hou
Dave Ogburn III SRF-2nd Place WTX
Roy Hillenburg SRF-3rd Place Hou
Whitney Strickland SRF3 Champion Hou
Brian Bosien SRF3-2nd Place Hou
Scott Monroe SRF3-3rd Place Hou
Jim Rawson P2 Champion Hou
David Zavelson FA Champion LnSt
Wesley Cunningham FA-2nd Place Hou
Paul Ravaris FA-3rd Place Tex
James Michael FB Champion Tex
Randall Smart FC Champion Hou
Karl Markey FM Champion Hou
Stewart Rettie FM-2nd Place Hou
Amir Ali FM-3rd Place Hou
Randy Acock FF Champion STxB
Bruce Cerveny FF-2nd Place Hou
Joe Palmer F5 Champion Tex
Chris Hodde F5-2nd Place Tex
Glen Smeal F5-3rd Place Tex
Doug McKie FV Champion Hou
Charles Hearn FV-2nd Place Hou
Frank Folbre III FV-3nd Place Tex
Chris Haldeman SM Champion Tex
Toby Linder SM-2nd Place Tex
Joe Boyd SM-3rd Place Hou

Latest Race Results

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