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Club Race, Octoberfest
October 14-15, MSR Houston

Tony Predock Award

Nominations are open for the SowDiv Tony Predock Award, and may be submitted by any SowDiv member in good standing.

Tony Predock was a long-time member of SowDiv who was active in supporting all the various competition groups in the Division and the award, a very nice traveling trophy, was presented to the Division in his name by his family and R. David Jones to honor those following in his footsteps.

It is presented only when an exceptional individual is nominated for having exhibited behavior above and beyond normal participation to facilitate the success of the Division during the year. As an example, Sasha Lanz from our region received the award last year for his contributions to Road Rally programs throughout the year.

Nominations must be sent to the SowDiv Secretary, LisaKay Foyle, by December 1st and can be emailed to her. The nomination must include the individual’s name and the reasons the person should be considered for the award.

Nominees will be considered and voted on by the Division Board, and any selection made will be presented at the SowDiv Annual Meeting in Dallas on January 13, 2018.

If you know of someone who has exhibited exceptional support this year for the various programs offered by SowDiv, please consider sending a nomination.


Club Race Announcements

SWRRC Races at Texas World Speedway have been canceled at TWS.

While unavoidable, the loss of the 2017 SWRRC season-ending event created a very negative situation for some competitors where SWRRC class positions could have changed depending on results from that final season event. To remedy that situation, and after discussion with the SWRRC Race Committee over the past several days, it has been decided that the Houston Region Club Race event at MSR Houston, which had previously been rescheduled to October 14-15, will now serve to replace the cancelled event as both the 2017 season-ending event (Saturday) and the first event of the 2018 season (Sunday).

On behalf of Texas Region I want to sincerely apologize for the loss of the TWS event, but for those racers still fighting for a championship I believe this accommodation by the Houston Region will provide you with the competitive opportunity you were expecting. And for those leading their classes who perhaps thought the cancellation had guaranteed their position, this will give you the opportunity to earn that championship on the track, as it should be.

My thanks to Sydney Yagel and the Houston Region for stepping up to provide that competitive opportunity for the 2017 SWRRC season, and best of luck to all the racers at MSRH next month.

Bob Neff, Regional Executive

Bob Neff, Regional Executive
on behalf of Texas Region SCCA – Club Race Chair


Latest Race Results

October 14-15, 2017 MSR Houston
2.380 Miles
The Octoberfest (CW)

  • Group – 1- Saturday | Sunday (FA, FC, FE, FM, P2)
  • Group – 2- Saturday | Sunday (SRF, SRF3)
  • Group – 3- Saturday | Sunday (AS, T1, T2, STU, STL, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTA, ITE/S, SP, EP, FP, HP, SM, SMN, SRX7)
  • Group – 4- | Sunday (SM, SMN)


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