Time Trials, Car Classing

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2. Texas Region Ultimate Class
The Texas Region Ultimate Class is designed for cars that do not meet the requirements of the featured Regional series classes. Vehicles that meet other TRTT class categories will be allowed to run in the Texas Region Ultimate Class. In addition to all other noted series safety requirements, Texas Region Ultimate Class vehicles must have:
a minimum overall weight of 2600 pounds or more
DOT approved 40 UTQ tread wear or higher tires
a roll bar/hoop or factory rollover protection
an approved and properly mounted racing seat or Factory Seating five- or six-point harness
fire suppression system (on-board Mounted Fire Extinguisher is allowed) any spoiler or wing configuration is allowable

  1. Solo Classes can be best described as the following:
    1. STREET – Modifications are extremely limited – performance shocks are allowed, you can make on aftermarket sway bar change, the exhaust can be modified after the catalytic converter and the use of any DOT – legal tires is allowed, but all tires must have a tread wear rating of 200 or above.  Wheels must remain the same size as stock, but may be substituted.
    2. STREET TOURING – Designed to accommodate cars with common, bolt-on modifications, such as different suspension parts and cold-air intakes, but no turbo additions or entire swaps. Wheels and tire size is limited and all tires must have a tread wear rating of 200 or above.
    3. STREET PREPARED – takes things a little further than Street Touring.  There are no limits on wheel or tire size, and there are several other modifications that go well beyond those in Street Touring – like the use of DOT-legal R-compound tires and aero.
    4. STREET MODIFIED allows engine swaps, the addition for forced induction and any suspension as long as it uses the same attachment points.  This is a class for the truly creative, and the cars sometimes end up with only a passing resemblance to their base.  It’s the wildest of the classes that runs on DOT-approved tires.
    5. PREPARED – you’re moving into pure racing machine territory.  Prepared cars usually have no interiors, racing slicks or may even be tube frame cars with fiberglass bodies.  Often the cars that compete here are cars from the SCCA Club Racing Production and GT categories.
    6. MODIFIED is everything from pure, purpose-built racing machinery such as formula cars and sports racers to cars that started out as production vehicles but may have different engines, heavily modified bodywork and racing slicks.