Time Trial, Dec 1

Winter Time Trail & Toy Drive
December 1, 2018

Motorsport Ranch, Cresson, TX

Registration Open

Entry List

This event is a Time Trials (formerly called Club Trials). It is being run using the SCCA rules for a level 2 Track Event, and held on the Motorsports Ranch 1.3 mile course configuration running counter clockwise. This will be the SCCA’s last event of the 2018 points season. In addition, anyone donating a toy will receive a $10 credit for future events. Let’s fill up the toy bin!

SCCA Time Trials (TT) events provide a constructive learning environment that stresses proper driving techniques, while at the same time offering lap times. This event will only be offering a Time Trials option for participants. All participants will be required to use a transponder. Your AMB transponder must be compatible with our timing system. If you’re not sure, please email Brad Flack (bradflack@earthlink.net) for clarification.

Additionally, in 2018 Texas Region SCCA is offering a Time Trials Championship series, where points are earned for each Time Trial throughout the year. This event will count as one event in the TT Championship series.

The Time Trials (TT) element is a timed event (SCCA level 2 Track Event), with the option to participate in the 2018 Time Trials Championship Series.