Time Trial, ECR, Nov 17-18

Time Trials, Event #7 & #8
November 17-18, 2018

Eagles Canyon Raceway

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The newly repaved Eagles Canyon Raceway will host the two day event.

This event is a Time Trials (formerly called Club Trials). It is being run using the SCCA rules for a level 2 Track Event, and held on the Eagles Canyon 1.55 mile short course configuration running counter clockwise. This will be the SCCA’s inaugural event for this track configuration! SCCA Time Trials (TT) events provide a constructive learning environment that stresses proper driving techniques, while at the same time offering lap times. This event will only be offering a TimeTrials option for participants. All participants will be required to use a transponder. Your AMB transponder must be compatible with our timing system. If you’re not sure, please email Brad Flack (bradflack@earthlink.net) for clarification.