Tick Tock Rally, May 1

Registration Open

Entry List

You’re invited to the Tick Tock Rally, an SCCA Regional Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) tour rally over paved backroads of Denton and Cooke counties.  A precision driving event at fun speeds to (re)introduce TSD rallying to the Texas Region. This will be a Monte Carlo style rally. Course following is easy with a mileage on every instruction and a sign reference, if there is one.  We score you on how close to the perfect time you arrive at checkpoint locations along the route.  No calculations involved.  We tell you where every control is and the perfect time to arrive there.  All you have to do is arrive at that time.  Get one point for each second early or late; low score wins.

It is not a speed or racing contest. You will be timed at the checkpoints by means of the Richta GPS smart phone app.  Scores are automatically reported to the Rallymaster.  No score sheet to fill out.

We will send you information on it after you pre-register. Also, we plan to conduct a
Rally School via Zoom (currently scheduled for April 25th) to help prepare for the rally. It’ll include a short test rally that you can run to see how the app works before rally day. We encourage you to attend the School.