Autocross Annual Tech

2020 Annual Tech Program Details

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Hate waiting in lines? Want more time for coffee and breakfast on Sunday mornings before you jump in your car to run? Then this program is for you!

Back by popular demand, Texas Region will again be offering Solo Annual Tech for the 2020 season. Due to the tremendous turnout over the past several years, this year there will be three opportunities to participate: the first will be January 25th at Classic BMW in Plano, the second will be February 8th at Kraken Motorsports in Ft. Worth, and the third will be on March 21st during our 2020 Solo School at Dragon Stadium in Southlake.

The program is essentially the same as previous years. No rulebook or membership required, only recent participation with SCCA and there will be a list on the Texas Region web site of those meeting that requirement; if your name is on that list, come on out to one of our tech days with your car and your completed inspection sheet, and make things easy on yourself this year.

Annual tech certification you tech your own car before arriving at the event, so no waiting in the Tech line. That means you have much more time for course walking, final prep of your car or just bench racing with friends before the festivities start.

Having time, and a good checklist which we provide, will help catch any problems that could prevent you from competing so they can be corrected before you come out. And as a side benefit, Tech will get finished quicker with fewer cars lined up so we’ll be able to get events started on time and everyone can get home earlier. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? So how does all this work?

Simple – download details of the program from the Solo section of the Texas Region web site at, check the list of names to see if you’re eligible, read up on how the program operates and what’s required, complete the inspection form included in the program details as you inspect your car (and fix anything you find wrong), then bring the completed inspection form and your car to one of the three inspection sites:

January 25, 2020

Classic BMW

6800 Dallas Parkway

Plano, TX 75024

10AM – 4PM

February 8, 2020

Kraken Motorsports

1929 Golden Heights, #1104

Fort Worth, TX 76177

10AM – 4PM

March 21, 2020

Dragon Stadium

1085 S Kimball Ave.

Southlake, TX

10AM – 4PM

Program details will be posted on the Texas Region web site ( and if you have any other questions you can contact the Chief of Tech, Bob Neff, at or by cell phone at 214-218-9483.

So come on out, get your Annual Tech certification, and enjoy the extra leisure time the rest of the year. See y’all there!