Road Rally, March 31

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Join us in Azle at David Beard’s Catfish & Seafood Restaurant, 1303 Northwest Pkwy, Azle, TX for the first rally of our new season. After an 80+ mile drive on some of the scenic hard surfaced country roads in Parker and Wise Counties you will end in Azle at the El Paseo Mexican Restaurant, 100 W Main St, Azle, TX.

While most of the rally is about answering questions (by marking the correct answers) based on signs and landmarks along the route there are several places where a travel speed will be prescribed. The rallymaster has used the distance times rate = time (D x R = T) formula to determine when you should pass any surprise timing points. Each full minute you are early or late will cost one penalty point so even if you just run by the “Seat of Your Pants” (and your speedometer) you should do well.