Autocross, Dec. 13, Eagles Canyon Raceway

Solo Event

December 13

Eagles Canyon Raceway

Registration Open, No Walk Up Registration

Entry List

You thought we were done, but surprise!  Texas region is excited to offer the FIRST EVER road-course autocross event at Eagles Canyon Raceway!  This will be on December 13th at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur.

Running on the road course brings with it some special requirements – you must have autocrossed at least 3 times in the past few years to be eligible for this event. (clubs other than SCCA qualify).  We will be checking local results when you sign up, and will contact you if we can’t verify that you meet the prerequisite. This is a safety issue for us – not so much for the drivers, but for the workers.  ECR is a large venue with workers spread out over long stretches. It’s important that the worker pool be experienced in this situation.