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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth

Infield Road Course*


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The Texas Motor Speedway road course makes for a really fun day of autocrossing! If you’ve never been, it’s become our signature event over the last 13 years or so, typically drawing the biggest crowds of the year. TX Region SCCA is the only local DFW club that offers this venue on their calendar! The road course is fast, fun and impressive in it’s presentation.

* Running on the road course brings with it some special requirements – you must have autocrossed at least 3 times in the current year to be eligible for this event. (clubs other than SCCA qualify) We’ll be checking local results when you sign up, and will contact you if we can’t verify that you meet the prerequisite. This is a safety issue for us – not so much for the drivers, but for the workers. The Road Course is a large venue with workers spread out over long stretches. It’s important that the worker pool be experienced in this situation.

This event will be online registration only. THERE ARE NO WALK UP REGISTRATIONS PERMITTED. This is necessary for us to verify your experience and it also helps us plan a better event for you! Because of the expenses associated with such an awesome venue, there is a $15 registration fee increase for the road course.

Approximate Event Schedule

7:30am – 8:30am…. Registration & Tech Inspection Open

8:00am (approx)….. Course open for walking

8:45am (approx)….. Novice Walk Thru 9:15am (approx)….. Mandatory Drivers Meeting

9:30am (approx)….. 1st heat Drivers in Grid, 1st heat Workers on course, First Car Out!

If you would like to become an SCCA member you can sign up here. It’s a great value!

2017 Texas Region SCCA Solo schedule

7/23 Event #5 TMS Bus Lot, Date Change
8/13 Event #6 TMS Bus Lot
9/17 Event #7 TMS Bus Lot
10/8 Event #8 TMS Road Course
11/12 Event #9 TMS Bus Lot

2017 Helmet Certification information

2017 Solo Supplementary Rules

2017 TX Region Solo Event Fee Structure

2017 TX Region Solo Event Fee Structure:

SCCA Members

$45 for Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot
$60 for Texas Motor Speedway Road Course

Non SCCA Members

$60 for Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot
$75 for Texas Motor Speedway Road Course

The SCCA does require membership in order to participate in Texas Region events. but for non-members a limited weekend-membership program is provided at a slightly higher cost, which can then be applied to a regular membership.  We hope this will continue to encourage the non-member autocrosser to participate in our events

Solo Registration Service for 2017

The Solo program will be using MotorsportReg.com again this year for our online event registration.  Registration requires payment by credit card or PayPal.  Over 320 other clubs thru out the nation are currently using this registration service and have had great success with many users.