Next Regional Event
Sunday, June 25, 2017

Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth

Registration Open

Entry List

2017 Texas Region SCCA Solo schedule

6/25 Event #4 TMS Bus Lot
7/23 Event #5 TMS Bus Lot, Date Change
8/13 Event #6 TMS Bus Lot
9/17 Event #7 TMS Bus Lot
10/8 Event #8 TMS Road Course
11/12 Event #9 TMS Bus Lot

2017 Helmet Certification information

2017 Solo Supplementary Rules

If you would like to become an SCCA member you can sign up here. It’s a great value!

2017 TX Region Solo Event Fee Structure

2017 TX Region Solo Event Fee Structure:

SCCA Members

$45 for Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot
$60 for Texas Motor Speedway Road Course

Non SCCA Members

$60 for Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot
$75 for Texas Motor Speedway Road Course

The SCCA does require membership in order to participate in Texas Region events. but for non-members a limited weekend-membership program is provided at a slightly higher cost, which can then be applied to a regular membership.  We hope this will continue to encourage the non-member autocrosser to participate in our events

Solo Registration Service for 2017

The Solo program will be using again this year for our online event registration.  Registration requires payment by credit card or PayPal.  Over 320 other clubs thru out the nation are currently using this registration service and have had great success with many users.

Approximate Event Schedule

7:30am – 8:30am…. Registration & Tech Inspection Open

8:00am (approx)….. Course open for walking

8:45am (approx)….. Novice Walk Thru 9:15am (approx)….. Mandatory Drivers Meeting

9:30am (approx)….. 1st heat Drivers in Grid, 1st heat Workers on course, First Car Out!

2017 Mineral Wells CAM Challenge

June 16-18, 2017

Mineral Wells, TX Airport

Classic American Muscle (CAM) is one of the newest classes in SCCA Solo.  CAM is intended for ANY American made Muscle
car.  SCCA decided to put together 3
events across the country intended specifically for CAM drivers to experience
autocross in a national autocross competition event flavor.  Texas is one of the lucky areas this year to
have this event!

Classes are as follows:

CAM-C: “C” stands for Contemporary.  This class sees car and truck body styles from
1990-on, plus CAM-T class cars with ABS and traction and stability control.

CAM-T: “T” stands for Traditional.  This class is for car and truck body
styles originating from 1954-89.

CAM-S: “S”
stands for Sports.  This class is where sports cars, sedans/coupes, and
trucks with seating for 2 or more adults which are eligible and not otherwise

CAM Challenge events are running a modified version of the
Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour Rules.

Kicking off the weekend, the Friday Welcome Party will be sponsored by Terry and Amy Fair of Vorshlag Motorsports, including FREE food & beer.

Each driver will get
three runs on Saturday morning and three runs on Saturday afternoon.  Trophies for the top competitors in each
class will be given out at the Saturday night BBQ dinner & BEER sponsored
by Dusold Designs! Everyone entered in the event is welcome
to attend the dinner!
  Trophies will be
awarded based on the driver’s best run in the morning added to their best time
in the afternoon.  On Sunday morning
everyone will get three runs to qualify for the CAM Challenge.  The top 16
drivers (based on the Sunday morning runs) in each class will earn their way
into the CAM Challenge.  If we do not
have enough drivers in a class to get to 16, they will do a random draw to fill
the field.  The three winners of the CAM
Challenge classes will run off to determine an overall winner.  All cars running will run straight up until
the final three are determined.  The PAX
indexes for each CAM class will be used for scoring the final overall winner on
Sunday’s Challenge.

If you’re looking for a little extra practice before the
event, there will be practice runs on Friday from 11am to 3pm at the site.

Registration for CAM entries is only $90!

Non-CAM Car Entries
are ONLY $25 for the weekend!

Here’s the2017 CAM rules:

Here’s a link to the event registration:


NOW, I need some help
from our regular Non-CAM entry autocrossers

TX Region SCCA Solo is hosting this event for the National SCCA
office.  Texas Region needs your help working this event on corners and all
the regular work spots that happen during a regular autoX.  To sweeten the deal, SCCA National is
offering a “Worker Index PAX Class”
for all non-CAM entries with only a $25
entry fee!!
  Friday & Saturday parties are included.  You’ll get 3 runs on Saturday morning and 3
runs on Saturday afternoon
.  A trophy
will be awarded to TOP Worker Index PAX Class winner at the Saturday night
dinner.  In addition, the Worker Index
Class entries also get 3 runs during the qualifying of the Sunday portion of
the event.  For $25, You can’t beat this
deal for 2 days of autocrossing and FREE
food & BEER for 2 nights
!  Help
TX Region SCCA make this the BEST CAM Challenge in the country this year!!

Here’s a link to the event registration:

Entries are EXTREMELY low as of today…  Let’s
fill up this event & have some FUN!

Texas CAM
Challenge Event Schedule:


8 am                  
  Gates Open

9 am – 12 pm        EVO
Advantage Driving School Instruction

9 am – 5 pm          
Venders on site with displays

11 am – 3 pm         Test
N Tune Practice (Ticket sales end at 2pm)

3pm – 6:30pm      
Tech Inspection

3 pm – 7 pm         
Registration Check-In

4pm – 7pm           
CAM Course open for walking

5pm – 9pm           
Vorshlag Welcome Party (FREE Beer & Food for everyone on site!!)



Site Opens

6:45 – 7:45am      
Late Registration Check-In & Tech

8am                        Course closed for walking

Drivers Meeting

8:35 am                
Cars to grid

9 am – Noon          Session 1 (3 Runs)

1pm – 4pm           
Session 2 (3 Runs)

5:30pm approx.   
Dinner (BBQ Sponsored by Dusold Designs) & Trophy presentation



6:30 am                
Site Opens

7:30 am                
Course closed for walking

8:30 am – Noon     Session 3 (Shootout Qualifying, 3 Runs)

12:15 pm              
CAM Challenge Shootout Drivers Meeting

12:30 – 3:30 pm   CAM
Challenge Shootout (session 4)

4 pm approx.         CAM
Challenge Awards Presentation