Road Rally

Join us in Fort Worth at the new Buc-ee’s (destination gas station/convenience store/rest stop/etc.) on the North Freeway immediately south of the Texas Motor Speedway (across Texas 114) for the first rally of our new season.  Jerry White will again be the rallymaster for this event.

As usual for Texas Region rallies there will be many wordplay puzzles to solve based on signs found along the route.  Just like last year there will also be some “complete the quote”, math, count, and word crop puzzles.  To Keep it fun you will never have more than one puzzle to solve at a time.

In many cases four possible answers will be given so all you’ll have to do is make a mark on your score sheet to indicate which ones you found (if any).

In addition to the puzzles there will also be a leg on which you will have a chance to avoid penalty points by keeping on time as you drive the route.

Checkpoints at Bev’s (gas station/etc.), 1003 N FM 156, Ponder, TX will give you opportunities for breaks and to see how you are doing.

  • Starting Location:   Buc-ee’s (travel center),15901 N. Frwy, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Finish Meeting Point:  Ranchman’s Ponder Steakhouse, 110 West Bailey, Ponder, TX 76259.
  • Registration/Check-In:  9:00am on Rally Day.  Mandatory Safety Briefing:  9:45am.
  • Car 1 receives Route Book and Score Sheets: 10:01am.  
  • Cars should start arriving at Ranchman’s Steakhouse around 2:00pm.
  • Route:  Southwest Denton County (and environs) paved (including oil & chip) country roads
  • Vehicles:  Sports Cars, family sedans, anything with 4 wheels that’s street legal (bring something that you will have fun driving on back roads and leave your low to the ground and/or stiff suspension Summer cruiser at home in the garage so you don’t have to fret about every steep railroad crossing or bump in the road).
  • Rally Fee: $25.00  /  SCCA Members: $20.00  /  $5 late fee if not preregistered. 
  • Awards:  First Timers, Novices (less than 3 rally trophies won), and General Class
  • Master Class for those who don’t want any more trophies (optional class).
  • If a minor child (<18) will be in the car contact for a Minor Waiver form for a parent to sign.
  • If you have any rally questions contact the rallymaster Jerry White at or by posting in the 2017 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally topic on the Texas Region Forum.

About a week before the event we will send the General Instructions to those who pre-register at

2017 Rally Events / Results

Date Status Event Name
02/18/2017 Registration Open Sweetheart Ride Road Rally
05/27/2017 Tulip Time Rally
08/19/2017 DFW Map Rally
10/07/2017 Clear Blue Sky Rally
12/02/2017 Children’s Book Run

2016 Rally Events / Results

Date Status Event Name
02/14/2016 Results Sweetheart Ride Road Rally
03/26/2016 Results Spaghetti Western Rally
05/21/2016 Results Tulip Time Rally
08/20/2016 Results Clear Blue Sky
10/08/2016 Results DFW Map Rally
12/03/2016 Results Children’s Book Run

2015 Rally Events / Results

Date Status Event Name / Flier Location
04/25/2015 Results Rally 1, Spaghetti Western Rally Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine
07/11/2015 Results Rally 2, DFW Map Rally Starting Place: Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, 9250 LBJ Freeway. Dallas, TX 75243. Registration opens at 9:00 AM. Just come in and register.
09/12/2015 Results Rally 4, Clear Blue Sky Rally
10/03/2015 Results Rally 5, Children’s Book Run Starting Place: Brandon Tomas Subaru, McKinney
12/05/2015 Results Rally 7, Tour to the Tombstones

2014 Rally Events / Results

Date Status Event Name / Flier Location
02/22/2014 Results Rally 1, Children’s Book Run, Event Flier Plano
05/17/2014 Results Rally 2, Tulip Time Rally, Event Flier McKinney
07/19/2014 Results Rally 4, Clear Blue Sky Rally, Event Flier McKinney (west)
08/16/2014 Results Rally 3, DFW Map Rally, Event Flier McKinney (east)
09/20/2014 Results Rally 5, Tour to the Tombstones, Event Flier Rockwall Dodge, Start
10/25/2014 Results Rally 6, Great Pumpkin Rally Sachse Parks & Recreation Building
12/06/2014 Results Rally 7, Children’s Book Run II Honda Cars of Rockwall, 1550 E I-30, Rockwall, TX

2013 Rally Events / Results

Date Status Event Name / Flier Location
04/20/2013 Results Rally 1, Tulip Time Rally Denton County
07/13/2013 Results Rally 2, Clear Blue Sky Rally Rally Starts @ 1100 S. Central Expy., McKinney, Texas, 75070
08/24/2013 Results Rally 3, DFW Map Rally Rally Starts, Eagle Canyon Raceway
10/05/2013 Results Rally 4, Tour to the Tombstones Rally Starts & Finishes in Denton, TX.
10/26/2013 Results Rally 5, Great Pumpkin Rally, Flier Fiat of McKinney
12/07/2013 Rescheduled
to 2014
Rally 6, Children’s Book Run Charity, Flier

2012 Rally Events / Results

Date Status Event Name / Flier Location
03/17/2012 Results Rally 1, Wild Irish Roads, Flier First United Methodist Church of Dublin
07/14/2012 Results Rally 2, Clear Blue Sky Rally, Flier Collin County
08/25/2012 Results Rally 3, DFW Map Rally, Flier Wise, Jack Counties
09/29/2012 Results Rally 4, ONTO Fall Rally Collin, Hunt Counties
10/27/2012 Results. Rally 5, Great Pumpkin Rally Flier Hunt, Lamar Counties
12/02/2012 Results. Rally 6, Book Run Charity Flier Dallas, Denton Counties

2011 Rally Results

Date Status Event Name  
05/21/11 Results DFW Map Rally
07/09/11 Results All RIGHT Rally
09/24/11 Results Clear Blue Sky Rally
10/22/11 Results Great Pumpkin Rally
12/03/11 Results Network Children’s Book Rally

2010 Rally Results

Date Status Event Name  
04/03/10 Results DFW Map Rally
05/01/10 Results Rally to the Race
06/12/10 Results Canine Friends
07/31/10 Results Clear Blue Sky
09/08/10 Results Open Road Adventure Rally